Note for Overseas Mass Orders

In order to protect our customer and this website from e-commerce frauds, transactions are restricted as follows. (The restrictions are may able to update in the future.)

1. Country Restrictions:
+ Rejection of approval of card issued by dangerous country
+ Refusal of approval in case of discrepancy between the country of card issuance and the country of use

2. Trade Restrictions:
+ Maximum number of monthly payments for the same card/same IP: 5 times
+ Maximum approval limit per same card: USD 1,000
+ Maximum approval limit per month for the same card: USD 1,000
* The monthly limit is applied in KRW based on Eximbay's internal fixed exchange rate.

3. Restrictions on corporate card transactions
If the merchant is not engaged in wholesale business for corporations, the inflow of corporate card transactions is considered an abnormal transaction pattern. Therefore, if you wish to lift this restriction, an internal review is required, so please make a separate request via e-mail.

Please understand that we are doing our best to protect our customers, and this restrictions are in control by Eximbay, our payment gateway partner. Please do not hesitate to contact on our CS online for issues with your order.  INFO@SUPERSUPERFAST.COM